Terence Mitnik

I just wanted to drop an additional line about Joe's customer service after the sale. We have purchased three cars from Joe over the years and we did however experience some of the usual problems that occur with used cars. Joe has gone above and beyond all expectations of a car dealer and man of his word when there are problems/issues with your corvette purchase from him. I stated prior that we have purchased corvette's from other corvette dealer's in the Pensylvania area with regret to their ability to be totally honest and truthful before and after the purchase. However with Joe, he has always tried his best to make it right. Remember if you are considering a used Corvette make the trip to Mount , Pa or utilize his website. You will see the car of your dreams and I am sure that Joe will be happy to assist you in any way he can to make you an owner of a corvette from his inventory stock. If he does not have it in stock,he will find you the special one you want.
Terence L. Mitnik

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania