Wayne R. Barnard

I had been searching for MONTHS until one day I came across Joe's Website. I had my eye on another Vette on Joe's Website until I drove to his place and found my FIRST Corvette! When I first met Joe, I knew that I was in good hands. After I decided on the car I was going to purchased, I noticed that it had 2 different brands of tires on it. I just mentioned it to Joe and I when I went to pick up my car, he had put 2 BRAND NEW tires on the Vette to match two of the existing tires. On the drive home, I noticed something not quite right in the back-end. I called Joe and he told me to bring it in for him to take a look at. He SUSPECTED a bad Universal Joint and took it upon himself to replace them ALL.!!! Joe took very good care of me! I would encourage anyone interested in buying a Corvette to go to Joe!!! Customer Satisfaction is TRULY Joe's NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!!!

Wayne R. Bernard
Loganton, Pennsylvania